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Chairman’s Challenge

At our Charity Ball in 2023 I set everyone a simple challenge to help support the many families locally that are fighting to survive a horrible time in their lives. Since lockdown and post COVID it seems to have become much more difficult to rally people and get them involved in fundraising. There are so many other things to catch up on!

But, it is a very satisfying and fulfilling thing to do as well as lots of fun. I shared some ideas on how you could help.

Raise £250 for the Emily Ash Trust

If everyone raised just £250 the Trust would have its plans and commitments for the year fully met. And let’s face it school children are raising more that that on their School Sponsored Walk.

There are a million ways to raise money;

Yes, you can sky dive out of a plane, run a marathon, swim across lake Windermere, abseil down a skyscraper. 

And ‘Yes’ we can help you with all of those - if you’re up for it and like a personal challenge get in touch via info@emilyashtrust.co.uk 

In 2023 I gave up alcohol – I saved £2168, just in beer let alone taxi fares, and I donated it to the Emily Ash Trust. I did it just to prove that anyone can raise money with a little imagination and a pinch of determination. 

Here are a few examples;

  1. You can sign on to Gifting websites like easyfundraising.org.uk, so that every time you spend online the charity gets a penny or two – it really adds up. We have taken £2700 from this website with just a few that have taken the trouble to set it up. See it on the ‘Get Involved’ page.
  2. You can donate points from your credit cards, Nectar or Store cards, Paypal Giving Fund
  3. Coffee mornings or Bake offs – one of our supporters arranged a sausage roll contest and dozens of people produced them. Mine were so good they even came in white paper bags with ‘Greggs’ printed on them!
  4. Dress down days/Dress up days – pay a pound and come to work in jeans.
  5. Grow your hair for a year, or shave your head. We have seen a couple of mass head shavings before – brilliant fun for everyone to get involved with.
  6. Team challenges – three peaks, quiz nights, worst tie contests, dance-a-thons, sing-a-thons, talent contests.
  7. Donate something you can’t use – that bike you bought but has stood in the shed ever since. Put it on eBay and donate the proceeds. I have recently eBay’d two watches that I haven’t worn in years and raised £150.
  8. Turn out your wardrobe and sell what you don’t use on Vinted or eBay and donate the proceeds – free up some space, recycle clothes and raise money. My wife has a coat obsession. If she sold just half of them second-hand we could feed a struggling family a month!
  9. Do you have tickets to the theatre or a sporting event that you can’t use. Sell them via EAT if you want to and donate the proceeds or some of the proceeds
  10. Here’s a good one….the gym membership that you rarely use and just serves to make you feel guilty. Cancel it, keep half of the ongoing monthly costs and donate the other half to the charity. That way you are vedging out for the EAT – how can you beat that!! 

What am I going to do, I hear you ask;

Cold showers for a year;

  1. A 10 minute warm shower costs £1.88
  2. A cold shower has great health benefits – science has recently proved it reduces colds, flu’s and general ailments by as much as 30%
  3. OK it takes a few times to get used to it but it makes you feel a million dollars afterwards – much better than after a warm shower
  4. An average warm shower is 8 minutes. A cold shower is on average less than 3 minutes, so you save time, feel better, get ill less frequently, help save the planet, poke Vladimir Putin in the eye and save £1.88 per day
  5. That’s £690 a year and 31 extra hours a year. You can use the 31 hours to do more or sleep longer but you could donate the £690 to the Emily Ash Trust!
  6. I’ve already done it for 2 months and I don’t think I will ever go back to warm showers

You can’t sit there and say that you can’t help because you’re unable to spend £1000 on an auction prize or you can’t run a marathon. 

That’s not true. 

You can raise money by eating cakes and by not eating cakes. And, as I’ve demonstrated you can even raise money by sitting on the sofa more and doing sweet Fanny Adams. It doesn’t really matter if its £10 or £1000. If we can average it out at £250 we will have achieved great things between us and had loads of fun doing it.

So, that’s Your TARGET

Since issuing this challenge we have had so many people come forward and help. We have had an 8 year old girl, of her own volition, selling cakes at 2 separate events and raised in excess of the £250 – what an inspiration!!

What will you do this year to make you feel proud!

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