Committee Member and Events Coordinator

I have been involved with The Emily Ash Trust since the beginning. Emily is a close family friend and when she was diagnosed at the age of 5 it was her inspiration that encouraged me to volunteer for this wonderful charity.  I felt I had strengths from my professional life to bring to the table to help build a good platform for a charity to grow.

At first it was a learning curve, finding out about how a charity should run, understanding first-hand what would benefit the children and the families exposed to this terrible illness.  Showing others how they too could make a difference sharing the load, bringing a sparkle into someone’s difficult day.

Every time I see a child smile or a mother’s tear, every time I see the gratitude in a family’s face I know I couldn’t ever step down…  Families live on a knife edge never really relaxing, if we can take them away from this for one hour, one day, one week, give them support when they are at their lowest, put our arms around them and listen then it is where I will always be.