Jane Holliman
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A huge Thank You to the Emily Ash Trust for giving Ethan and our family the most amazing adventure in Wales together.

We had a wonderful, fun, family time. It was an absolutely fantastic, exhilarating experience. I don’t think we have laughed so much in ages! It was such a kind thing you did for us as a family, arranging and funding it all.

We are all extremely grateful to the Emily Ash Trust for lifting our spirits at a difficult time and giving us lovely memories to treasure.

Emily ash Trust

- Jane Holliman
Ruth Larthwell
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Wonderful event (Pamper evening) and so special when you are in hospital with a child. Well done Emily Ash xx

- Ruth Larthwell
Mel Keep
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At the hardest and worst time of my life , Emily Ash Trust came to the bedside and offered me time out to have my hair blow dried and a glass of wine. This was a lovely evening as for 2 weeks I hadn't been able to do such a simple thing. If this wasn't enough Emily Ash Trust then offered us to have time out at their caravan. This holiday was just a lovely break from hospital and my son's treatment and time for us all to be together. Thank you for all you did for us.

- Mel Keep
Charley Woods
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testimonial Can't thank you enough at #teamlottie. You made a little girl smile today xxx

- Charley Woods
Vicki Woodall
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Thanks for a wonderful evening in 'hotel hospital' last week! We loved meeting all of you from the Emily Ash Trust! Pampering parents in their time of need is an immense idea! Lots of love

- Vicki Woodall